Sunday, September 16, 2018

Postcard showing the picturesque Dutch village of Marken

This old postcard features two residents of Marken, a small village filled with beautiful houses in the Netherlands. They are wearing traditional outfits that are specific to Marken, and differ from other areas of the Netherlands, due to the fact that Marken was, prior to the 1950s, an isolated island in the Zuiderzee.

The wooden clogs are the only part of the outfit that I'm familiar with, so I highly recommend that you check out a January 2014 post on Atelier Nostalgia to learn more about this aspect of Marken history. Here are a couple of excerpts:

  • "The costume exists of a colorful striped underskirt and a dark over-skirt, a blue apron with a checkered top, a shirt with either dark blue (winter) or striped sleeves, an embroidered corset, and a red over-jacket with a square of flowered fabric pinned on. All together, the costume of Marken is very bright and colorful."
  • "The costume also has a very distinctive traditional hairstyle. A large part of the hair is brought forward and cut into bangs, and two large pieces are kept long at the sides to fall down in curls. The back is shaved off and is hidden below the hat."

The Atelier Nostalgia post is filled with great images of these traditional outfits, including the caps, which appear to be unlike anything found elsewhere in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, on the back of this postcard, the stamp is gone and the postmark is too obscured to determine any date. The card was mailed to Mr. R. Waski of Franklyn [sic] Park, New Jersey.

The curious note states:
"Best regards from all the flying Dutchman's & us

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