Saturday, December 22, 2018

Vintage Christmas postcard and bad news for bunnies

Today's vintage "Christmas Greetings" postcard features a Father Christmas figure, in a sensible brown robe, distributing items from his bagful of toys to happy children who are running around in the snow. The child on the left is about to receive a colorful mannikin. Other toys in the bag include a doll, a drum, a book and a hobby horse. We can only assume that Daddy C. has a Bag of Holding, in order to carry all of the gifts he'll need.

I believe that this German-made card was mailed in November 1911, if I'm reading the blurred postmark correctly. It was sent from Parkersburg, West Virginia1, to Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, with the following cursive message:
Say Old Man,
come dow[n] and have a rabbit hunt with me got five rabbits and two quail yesterday am going tomorrow again

1. Parkersburg is the birthplace of 90-year-old actor Paul Dooley, who played Wimpy in Popeye and Molly Ringwald's dad in Sixteen Candles. He was interviewed on an entertaining episode of the I Was There Too podcast this past summer.

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