Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Super news for some super students

Back on December 1, I wrote about a high school classroom in southwestern Pennsylvania that was holding an online fundraiser to purchase books for its "25 Books a Year Challenge." It was my passion project for the holiday season.

In great news, and thanks to some amazing and generous donors, the fundraising goal was reached. And the classroom has now received its books, setting the students up for a dandy winter and spring of new reading.

This is the note of thanks that the teacher, Mrs. Salvucci, shared with all donors.
"While my students have access to a majority of the classical texts that we read together in class, they don't have easy access to more relevant, young adult literature that they need in order to personally connect to the content. I specifically picked these books because I believe the situations and characters deal with a wide variety of topics that many of my students can relate to. These books also deal with issues that my students may not be aware of. I can tell you that as soon as these books came and I got them organized, every single one of my students checked out a book. They even suggested that we have a 'book talk' in a few weeks to share what the books are about. We will also be starting to a 'First Chapter Friday', where we read the first chapter of a book out loud to gain interest, and we will be using these books for that. These books will also help my students reach their goal of reading 25 books a year. I am pretty positive that most students will finish a book in a weekend. I'm excited for my students to read these books, share them with their classmates, and hopefully establish a new love of reading."
I love sharing and giving books. And I love happy endings. This wrapped all of that together in one great package.

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