Wednesday, April 10, 2019

When nature calls and you're in the middle of ... nature

Pee in a tree?

This postcard caps off the trilogy of trees (Part 1, Part 2). (Unless there's a fourth card, and then it will no longer be a trilogy.)

It shows part of a felled redwood that's been turned into a Forest Loo, with "She" and "He" sides. The scratched-on caption at the bottom says this is at Burrill Redwood Terraces. And if you search for that phrase online, pretty much all you get is more pictures of this mid-century Privy in the Woods. I can additionally say that it was near Garberville, California, a census-designated place in the northwest part of the state that formed its own chapter of the Green Party in 2006.

This postcard was mailed, giving us more some information, though portions of the back are obscured. It appears to have been sent from Marshfield, Oregon, to Kernville, California, on March 28, 1942. The part of the note I can read states:
Dear Kids — couldn't find the umbrella Georges did [?] so used ... substitute. ... a lovely trip but glad ... back after all Oreg. [??] is OK. Hope every thing & ... o.k. up your way.

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