Sunday, April 7, 2019

Mystery RPPC: Wizard girl

I love this one.1 It's a real photo postcard of a girl wearing what looks to me like a wizard outfit and standing outside in winter (and perfectly — intentional by the photographer? — framed between two bare trees). Someone has written "COSTUME" on the back, and that's it for information. It's an AZO card that dates to 1904-1918, based on the design of the stamp box.

The full-length dress has horizontal bars going about two-thirds of the way down the front. It's impossible to know what the colors are, but one of the bars appears whiter/lighter than the others. She has a very tall, very pointed hat balanced atop her head. She looks like she means business; she's all set for a duel with Saruman, Baba Yaga or Lo Pan.

Here are a couple of closer looks at her...

(This looks like the cover of a Ransom Riggs novel.)

I wish we knew her story. Perhaps someone should write it.

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1. I'm assuming I haven't posted it before, but my mind is getting murkier and murkier.

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