Sunday, August 26, 2018

Mystery real photo postcard:
Man sitting in chair

This slightly worn (but not bad for its age) real photo postcard shows a well-dressed man sitting in a chair. The room is otherwise blank. No thrilling fabricated backgrounds of meadows or wooden fences or Cardassian architecture. It looks like this was just another stop on this gentleman's busy day of taking care of important matters. Or maybe he was on his way to see his mother — also an important matter.

As this is a mystery RPPC, there is absolutely no identifying information. The postcard was never written on or mailed. All we have is the AZO stamp box on the back for dating purposes. The configuration of the four triangles indicates that this RPPC was created sometime between 1910 and 1930.

So that's it. Just a snapshot out of time. We don't know his life story. Where he was from. Who he loved. Who his children were, and what happened to them. What he did for a living. What books he read. What songs he sang to himself as he walked down the road...

Here are some closer looks...

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