Saturday, April 13, 2019

Publicity still: Ninja and a lion

There was no information or caption on this random movie publicity still. But a Google reverse image search informs me that it's from the 1983 TV movie The Last Ninja. Said ninja is, improbably, portrayed by Michael Beck.

The website Vintage Ninja has a post about this movie and is in possession of the same publicity still. It has the original photo caption from ABC, which states, in part:
"Michael Beck, starring as a young man raised by a Japanese-American family and trained in the ancient arts of the Ninjutsu..."
Apparently, he's also trained in the art of being a Lion Whisperer.

Even though the film has some serious cultural appropriation happening, it is fairly well-regarded by some fans of ninja cinema. One of those commenting on the Vintage Ninja post states: "The movie was quite accurate in its portrayal of the Ninja and did a good job of representing the main character as a disciplined, responsible member of society and not some pajama clad killer."

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