Sunday, May 5, 2019

"Old farmhouse in the Black Forest"

Need a vacation? Or maybe just to get away from it all?1 This 1960s postcard, never mailed, features an Altes Bauernhaus im Schwarzwald (as printed on the back), which translates to "Old farmhouse in the Black Forest."

Living on a quiet, pastoral farm sounds like an ideal life these days. (I suspect, though, that the seasonal maintenance of that huge roof requires a lot of sweat equity, especially after hard winters.) Ashar and I took a farm tour in Lancaster County yesterday, and the tranquility was interrupted only by the occasional insistent bleating of the goats.

There's a red stamp on the back of this card for Hotel Bellevue in Baden-Baden, Germany. Originally, I thought the image on the front of the card was Hotel Bellevue, but I was wrong about that.

If my research and translations are correct, Hotel Bellevue dated to the late 1700s and was once called Gr√ľner Winkel. It was fully rebuilt into a luxury hotel in the late 1800s and held that status through the first half of the 20th century. It served as a military hospital during World War II and never truly bounced back after that. It was converted into a retirement home in 1982.

It's still faring well and appears to be in very good shape. These days, most of it is used for high-end senior living, but there are, once again, some hotel rooms. If you stay there, it's not much of a jaunt to visit the Black Forest...

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1. Please note: You cannot run away from climate change.

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