Sunday, December 22, 2019

Christmas postcard #6:
Good time for a yule log

The illustration is the best part of this old postcard. It shows four folks, clad in red and blue, dragging a yule log to a small castle. The yule log (also called yule clog, yule block, gule block, or even "stock of the mock" in Cornwall) has a long and impossible to untangle history that likely involves paganism, Celtic superstition, the winter solstice (which was last night), and Christian Christmas traditions intermingling over the centuries. But anyone, regardless of religion, can enjoy the idea of gathering around a roaring fire at Midwinter for good company, good cheer in a cup, and perhaps a good ghost tale while the wind howls outside, right?

There's nothing on the back of this postcard. The printed script on the front states: "May your Christmas-tide of the old time Yule log abound in glowing warmth and cheer."

And the short message is from Aunt Annie, if I'm reading that right. Or perhaps it's something else other than Annie.

1 comment:

  1. My favorite vintage color combination.
    Unsure about Annie - there seem to be too many crests for that but I can't see any alternatives either :0