Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas postcard #8:
Was Edgar mad?

This embossed Merry Christmas/Happy New Year postcard is labeled "Christmas Bell Series No. 1" on the back and was postmarked on December 12, 1910, the same day that President William H. Taft nominated three men to the U.S. Supreme Court at once. (Taft successfully nominated a jaw-dropping six Supreme Court justices during his four years in office and later served as Chief Justice himself.)

The card was postmarked in a place I had never heard of until now, the unincorporated community of Warriors Mark, which is almost precisely in the center of the state. The card was mailed to Mr. Edgar Parks of Tyrone, Pennsylvania, in Blair County. He's about to get an earful. Here's the message:
dear freind Edgar
how are you
I am well
have you got any Chrismas gifts yet
I got a gold ring, a muffler, a brest pin
Edgar why don't you write
I am not mad at you
I have lots of good things to tell you when you write
are you mad at me if you are what for dear
I wish I would get a pair of kid gloves and a neckless
Please write
And then, added back at the top of the card, perhaps as a final thought:
I am so sorry
I will tell you what for

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