Sunday, December 22, 2019

Christmas postcard #7:
Greetings to Intercourse

This crinkled and wrinkled postcard features a cheery fireplace with something a bit smaller than a yule log and the message "I send you a most hearty Yuletide greeting."

It was mailed to Mr. Jacob Esch of Intercourse, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. That's a super-duper common name (first and last) in Lancaster County. Just one possibility is the Jacob Esch who lived from 1869-1959.

The writer, using tight cursive, fit in a lengthy message. Here's my best transcription. It gets really dicey toward the end:
"Dec 23 1923
West Liberty RD #3 Ohio
Dear Brother and family
Xmas Greetings.
I thought maby you would write when you got home, but have not heard yet. Thanks for those presents you sent with Ben. We hear Ben is layed off and are moving back. Expect [?] you are getting ready for Chrismas [sic]. We are not having much, as money is to [sic] scarce. Are having so much rain and mud. This leaves [?] us as well as [??] ... if find you all ... write ... [??]."

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