Saturday, January 25, 2020

A vintage book "deal" that leaves me shaking my head

Well, I suppose this is one way to build a collection of children's books. On, you can purchase "Authentic Decorative Books — Curated Library Curated Vintage Children Classics Library, Set of 75" for the low, low price of just $849. And shipping is free! That works out to just $11.32 per book! And you don't even have to worry about choosing which books you're receiving! JUST LOOK HOW PRETTY THEY ARE! AND YOU NEVER HAVE TO GET YOUR HANDS DUSTY IN A BOOKSTORE!

As the kids say in Acronym-ese, SMDH.

Here's the actual product description: "Transform any room with an instant library from Booth & Williams. Curated collection of 75 children's classics published 1850-1975. A delightful blend of memorable stories and series in a variety of colors and textures sure to distinguish your space. ACTUAL TITLES WILL VARY FROM THOSE PICTURED BUT WILL MAINTAIN THE SAME CONTENT MIX."

And someone actually gave this a five-star review, writing: "All I can say is CHARMING! I recently purchased a large wall unit for my office and I wanted a poo of color. These books were the perfect addition! True classic literature."

I'm guessing the reviewer meant "pop of color," but I think "poo of color" is an insightful typo.

The Facebook page "Booklovers Never Go To Bed Alone" make some great points in ranting about this offering:
"Why. Why why why would someone spend $849 on 75 vintage children’s books??? Go to used bookstores, library bookstores and used book sales. Even if each book were $2.50 (an typical price at most library bookstores for a vintage children’s book — at book sales they cost even less) you’d still be spending $187.50 and picking the ones you want and also be supporting small businesses and your local library. I can’t believe anyone would pay for this"
I agree wholeheartedly! Support your local bookstores! Fill your homes with cool books that you want to read. And save a ton of money!

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