Friday, April 10, 2020

Mystery Polaroid of two dogs

We've been taking a lot of neighborhood walks during this stay-at-home chapter of the COVID-19 pandemic. And, yes, I realize that preceding sentence is a bit contradictory. But trust me that neighborhood walks are way better than driving to a state park to hike or joining such a large group of bikers and joggers on a rail trail that the idea of social distancing becomes a charade.

Anyway, Joan and Kaitlyn do a better job of getting out to walk during the daytime than I do. Most of my walks lately have come after 9 p.m. and been solo laps through silent streets. But the joke was on me yesterday, because they discovered quite the bounty on their daytime walk — a curbside box full of books and ephemera and labeled "Free." You'd think that by now I'd have a specially attuned radar for such instances; but my only radar seems to be sniffing out Mr. Angelino's litter box misses, a tale nobody wants to hear.

Joan was, of course, nice enough to share some of her ephemera haul with me. The first piece, shown today, is an undated, unlabeled Polaroid featuring a pair of Very Good Dogs. I'm not good with dog breeds, so I'll let you tell me in the comments section what these are. It makes me sad that a snapshot of once-loved pets would end up in a roadside box, with us never being able to know their names. Remember how much we knew about Devil the German Shepherd? And of course Sugar the Welsh corgi. On the other hand, we had Marion's unnamed dog.

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