Friday, April 10, 2020

Stay-at-home shelfie #13

It's another Sneak Preview shelf. Is somebody out there scoring at home and keeping track of all these posts I owe you? Zoinks. You can't expect me manage my own blog, can you? Also, who am I talking to?

Anyway, I can definitely say that the acquisition of these volumes was inspired by Amanda Jones of Wales, who has only about 1,200 followers on Twitter (@AmandAJ37Amanda) but should have ten times that, given her rock-star posts about vintage books. It was Jones who brought to my attention Geoffrey Palmer, Noel Lloyd and illustrator Rowel Friers, who collaborated on numerous books with supernatural and folklore themes in the 1960s. They were publishing books alongside the early heyday of the Ruth Manning-Sanders/Robin Jacques combo; what a time that was for children's literature! So, thanks to Amanda Jones of Wales, I have discovered some of these books. More to come, but if you want to dive in before me, or fear I'll never get around to this, a nice place to start might be this delightfully penned 1998 obituary of Noel Lloyd.

Also on this shelf are the well-reviewed 2019 book Ghostland: In Search of a Haunted Country by Edward Parnell and an Arkham House volume that I picked up because it includes "Sticks," a Karl Edward Wagner short story recommended by Mary SanGiovanni.

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