Saturday, May 16, 2020

My great-grandmother
in 1933 and 1988

Here are pictures of my great-grandmother, Greta Miriam Chandler Adams (1894-1988) that were taken 55 years apart.

First up is this tiny picture (less than 2 inches wide) labeled "1933 Century of Progress."

That's Greta on the left. On the right is my grandmother, Helen Chandler Adams Ingham, who would have been about 14 when this photograph was taken. (She has a bit of a Claire Danes look going and what appear to be some snazzy sunglasses.) I wrote a little bit about their trip to the "A Century of Progress International Exposition" aka the 1933 Chicago World's Fair in this 2016 post. I should probably try to dig up some more details. There might even be diary entries.

And now we fast-forward more than a half-century to 1988. This is Greta in her bed at the house on Oak Crest Lane in Wallingford.

Indeed that is Cyrano. Greta and Cyrano were pals, because he liked a quiet bed where no one disturbed him and she found him amusing. (Cyrano was featured on March 11 and March 28 of this year.)

This photo is labeled "Summer 1988." Greta died in December of that year at age 94. So this is certainly one of the last photos we have of her.

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