Monday, August 3, 2020

Solving some mysteries about that fascinating Bible

Mission accomplished! I found a wonderful home for the small Bible, and all of the items that were tucked away inside, that was featured here in a July 27 post.

I had speculated that Martha J. Lee Morrow used the Bible after the death in 1940 of her son, Harry. Martha died at age 90 in 1964 and had numerous relatives. It was my hope that one of them — a great-grandchild, great-niece, great-nephew, etc. — would see the post, and that's precisely what happened, thanks to a York County history group on Facebook.

Jackie Lapes tells me that Martha Lee Morrow was her grandmother's sister.

"I remember visiting her when I was a child," Jackie writes. "She was very tiny and feisty."

Jackie has worked on the Lee family geneaology for years and was able to come up with the rigorous documentation necessary to be accepted into the Daughters of the American Revolution. (My grandmother, Helen Ingham, was also a member of that group.)

She also sent me some photos of Martha, which helped us confirm that the photo inside the Bible of the woman holding the dog is Martha. "Her nickname was Tiny," Jackie writes of Martha. "That letter [another fascinating item tucked into the Bible and discussed in the original post] was written to her by someone named Fairy. My cousin, Sylvia Lee, remembers someone called Fairy."

Here are some side-by-side views of Martha:

Jackie says she intends to write a history of the Lee family, including her great-great-grandfather's exploits as a boatman on the Susquehanna and Tidewater Canal and a horseback postal delivery worker here in York County. "My Lee family suffered so many tragedies as well as successes," she notes. "The Delta Herald has been extremely helpful in documentation."

And now another small piece of Lee history is returning to where it belongs.

* * *

This is the 3,200th Papergreat post. Who would have thought there'd be another 3,000 POSTS after this 200th-post celebration?

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