Sunday, October 11, 2020

Pepsi-Cola Halloween postcard

This undated, unused Halloween postcard served as an advertisement for both Pepsi-Cola and Crowe's Market in tiny Dunkirk, Ohio. Crowe's was touting its fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen foods, free delivery and "service with a smile." The only search results I get for Crowe's on Google or are related to this postcard, so I don't know anything about it history.

Based upon the Pepsi-Cola logo and the bottle label that are shown, I think this postcard can be dated to sometime between the early 1930s and the early 1940s. It theoretically could be as late as 1951, but Pepsi-Cola introduced the color blue into its existing logo during World War II to be more patriotic, and I'm not seeing any blue here. The very best guess for this postcard and bottle might be 1939. That's per the bottle and year shown on this 2015 History of Pepsi Bottles article on

Other good sites to learn about the history of Pepsi bottles/logos are here and here.

Even without the advertising, this is a fun vintage Halloween postcard, with the bear cubs chasing another cub with a pumpkinhead ghost. It reminds me of several similar ones, including this post and this post.

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