Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Run, little boys, run!
Run from the Pumpkin Man!

This is probably the creepiest one in the batch of Mild Fear 2015 vintage Halloween postcards.

But what, truly, is the creepiest part? The Pumpkin Creature chasing boys through an autumn field? Or the boys themselves, who look like the horrific result of Tweedledum crossed with a pig. Are those their actual everyday clothes? Or were they dressed up and ready to attend a Halloween party when they were waylaid by Pumpkin Man?

So many questions.

There is no date on the postcard or the postmark. It was mailed to Marvin Rowlands of tiny Argonia, Kansas — home of the first woman elected mayor in the United States.

The message on the back of the postcard, which is written diagonally, states:
"Dear Marvin
Would you run away from a Jack O Lantern like these 3 little Boys. My but aren't they frighten [sic]. I often think of you and your little sister. Love to your Mama. I am your friend. Miss Lille [sp?]"

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  1. I think the most horrifying thing about this postcard is that the two boys have no qualms about trampling their mate, leaving him behind as a sacrifice.

    1. When you're fleeing the Pumpkin Man, it's every man for himself.

  2. how much for this postcard?