Thursday, October 29, 2015

Smiles and shivers, courtesy of
Pack-o-Fun in 1970

Pack-o-Fun, a scrap-craft magazine that has been featured here before1, got things backwards in 1970.

The "Halloween Witchery" cover of the October issue that year was fairly cheerful and all in good fun. There's a stack of doughnuts, for goodness sakes! Things can never be too spooky when doughnuts are involved.

The issue explains how to create witch-themed decorations, cardboard-container costumes, a string of lights from plastic limes and lemons, pine-cone owls, and cat-themed, pipe-cleaner Halloween favors.

Everything is very festive. Nothing even rises to the level of Vincent Price spookiness.

Of course, I doubt it was ever Pack-o-Fun's intention to be anything other than a jolly and good-natured family magazine.

Or was it?

Perhaps you could say that, in 1970, Halloween came early for Pack-o-Fun. Witness the April cover...

Sweet dreams!

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