Thursday, October 29, 2015

Vintage postcard: Pumpkin thief chased by a "ghost"

This "MAY YOU HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR THIS HALLOW-E'EN!" postcard features a young boy, who we may assume is a pumpkin thief, being chased through a field by a person dressed as a ghost. Obviously, it's not a real ghost, because we can see the pants and shoes sticking out from under the white sheet.

I suppose that dressing up as a spook isn't the worst idea for protecting one's pumpkin patch. But it doesn't appear to have worked in this instance. That kid has a tight grip on his gourd.

All we know about this card is that the artist's initials are HBG and it's "L. & E. Serie 2272."

It was never stamped or mailed, but written on the reverse side are:
  • "Lester from Mama"
  • "1911"
  • "Signed Griggs"

And that probably won't be enough for any genealogist to work from. Perhaps we need a psychic or medium!

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