Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! And don't forget to hug your cat.

I saved my favorite postcard from this year's dandy batch for the final day of Fortnight of Mild Fear. It's an undated Raphael Tuck & Son's Hallowe'en postcard. A non-scary witch in a red cape is sitting atop of ginormous pumpkin and giving a great big hug to a black cat. Which is really what All Saints' Eve is all about, if you think about it.

The card was never stamped or postmarked, but it was addressed and a short note was written. Its intended recipient was Miss Hattie Harding of Talmage Hill, New York. (I think that should be Talmadge Hill.)

Here's what the note states:

At first I thought the note was a bit dyslexic. But if you add a little punctuation, you get:

Remember me when this you see.
That big Halloween Freak,

According to the Gerould/Jerauld Families Register Page, Hattie Harding lived from 1878 to 1968. She married Daniel Stewart Burwell in October 1900. They had three children and the middle child, Helen, lived to be 96, dying in 2002.

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