Monday, October 12, 2020

Imagine getting 100 vintage Halloween postcards for $1

Old Halloween postcards are some of the most collectible postcards out there, with their bright colors and oft-amazing illustrations: sometimes spooky, sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, sometimes totally bizarre. The best ones are highly sought by collectors and can sell for extremely high prices. So I thought it would be amusing to revisit how cheap they were they were brand new, more than a century ago. Picking up a few bundles of these would be an excellent use of a time machine.

From the October 7, 1907, edition of the The Huntington Herald of Huntington, Indiana.
From the October 26, 1908, edition of The Marion Star of Marion, Ohio
From the October 8, 1909, edition of The Times-Tribune of Scranton, Pennsylvania (advertisement for Ladwig's)
From the October 22, 1909, edition of the Chillicothe Gazette of Chillicothe, Ohio

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