Monday, October 26, 2020

Postcrossing roundup, Part 3
(Late Summer/Autumn 2020)

Above: From Penny in Taiwan: "I think you maybe will like cat postcard so I sent this card to you. ... Stay healthy and safety."

To finish out this short series, here are some of the images and messages from other Postcrossing cards I've received in my mailbox over the summer and the first half of the fall. (I featured the autumn-themed cards on Saturday.)

From Shuhada in Singapore (in August): "I read the news that there are many clinical trials for covid vaccines. I hope the 'perfect vaccine' will be found soon."

From Petra in Germany: "Today I'm enjoying my day off. Maybe I'll take a little stroll around town or I'll sit on my balcony and read a good book."

From Olga in Russia: "I have two children, boy and girl. They love animals. At home we have a cat, fish, a turtle. In the summer at the cottage we hae chickens. Health to you and your family!"

From Betty in Germany: "In a few days I'll become a mom of a baby princess. We're so afraid about it. All the best and stay healthy." (Daughter Luise was subsequently born in June.)

From Dasha in Russia: "I am 20 years old. I am engaged in needlework and studying as a designer. I love extreme. I ride a bake [sic] (downhill) and rope jumping. I like animals. At home there: 8 cats, a dog, 2 turtles, a snake, 2 crabs and fish."

From Adéla in Czechia: "I am inspired by my mom (hard worker), my sister (empathetic), my best friend (creative), my boss (smart)..."

From Yuki in Japan (in early August): "This month it's been really hot. Kids here have a shorter summer vacation & more school days so that they can catch up on their studies. Are masks mandated where you live? It's quite hot/difficult to go out wearing one under the scorching heat here. Take care & stay safe!"

From Minna in Finland: "I live with my husband and our 8 years old Japanese chin, whose name is Sulo, in a city called Kajaani. It's nice to live here because the city is peaceful. Now that corona virus is roaming, we can't travel. Luckily, I have postcards, which help me travel all around the world and hear and see new things about different places." 
Above: From Donna in St. Marys, Ontario
Above: Valeria Docampo illustration, sent by Uta in Germany.
Above: From Victoria in Russia (eastern Siberia): "I work in the library but it's temporarily closed due to the coronavirus. I hope this card will make you smile."

It did, Victoria. Thank you.

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