Monday, July 26, 2021

Illustration from Andrew Lang book about two princes

This illustration is from an undated A.L. Burt edition of The Adventures of Prince Prigio and of His Son, Prince Ricardo, by Andrew Lang. My book has an inscription noting "Xmas 1901."

The title page states "with many illustrations," but there does not appear to be any credit given to said illustrator. However, a little research indicates that the original illustrator of the Prince Prigio books was Gordon Browne (1858-1932), and that certainly looks like the initials GB in the lower-left corner of the illustration.

And what an illustration it is! It is, indeed, the very large severed head of some monster. 

This part of the tale (which sadly also contains some extremly racist language) contains this section about the poor beast.
"Hi, Ross!" he shouted, "just weigh this beast's head. I've had a splendid day with a sea-monster. Get the head stuffed, will you? We'll have it set up in the billiard-room."

"Yes, Master Dick — I mean your royal highness," said Ross, a Highland keeper, who had not previously been employed by a reigning family. "It's a fine head, whatever," he added meditatively.

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