Thursday, July 22, 2021

Postcrossing roundup: Summer 2021

Some of the Arizona postcards I've been mailing around the world.

It's time for another seasonal roundup of interesting and encouraging thank-you emails I've gotten from Postcrossers around the world who have received postcards from me since Spring. These are from oldest to newest. 

Marco from Germany wrote: “Hello Chris, thank you very much for sharing your childhood library memories with me and also for choosing such beautiful flower stamps. Wow, I didn't even know about Ruth Manning-Sanders and her fairytales. My favourites, not as a child though but when I studied English in high school, were Oscar Wilde's fairytales, so Wilde-ish. Wish you all the best in your new surroundings and never stop to discover the world."

Xapphirea from the Netherlands wrote: “Hi Chris, Thank you for your lovely postcard and your wool, I love it, I have progressed beyond my shoulder now to the front :) I will put the book of Ruth Manning-Sanders on my read list. And keep hope, the world is slowly but surely returning to normal. Fingers crossed this is the last pandemic we see in our lifetime. Keep your chin up, friend, things will be better!"

[Note: I sent Xapphirea about three feet of yarn in an envelope with the postcard. She's asking for everyone to send her a piece, so she can put together a "Postcrossing sweater." Follow along here.]

Gerti from Germany wrote: “Dear Chus (?). Thank your very much for your card from Florence. How can you cope with 47 degrees [Celsius]? I am feeling sick when temperature rise above 30. I agree water will be an issue. We in Germany had some rain last winter and spring. But is was still not enough for filling up the groundwater. I hope it soon will rain in Arizona's desert. Happy postcrossing."

Hans from the Netherlands wrote: “Hello Chris! Thank you so much for your beautiful card that I received today! I agree with your opinion. Independent, well-informed newsgathering is nowadays more important then ever. Thank you as well for the neat stamps you'd loaded on the card. Stay safe!"

AnneMie from Belgium wrote: “Hello Chris, Thank you for your History-card. Always interesting. I had a Great Aunt in Detroit and a Great Uncle in California. Both went to the U.S.A. in the 1930-1935. She came every year to Belgium until she was 96! At 98 she died. Arizona would be TOOOOOOO HOT for me!!! I like the Belgian weather!!!! I like Emma Thompson in her Nanny McPhee performance. Keep well."

June from Germany wrote: “Hello, Chris. Thanks so much for the wonderful postcard! :) I was a bookworm all my life and to this day read voraciously -- when I was a kid my mother would take us to the town library twice a week to get books because my sis and I read the books as fast as we could get them. lol. As I type this I have your blog open in my browser, and I'll certainly take a good look and have a good read. Take care, and hope you have a wonderful day. Best wishes."

Luci from Belarus wrote: “Hello Chris~ I am very glad that I received such a postcard from you. I didn’t think that a postcard with a part of the LGBT flag would come to me and I feel so warm in my heart that it did come. In Russia there is a law on 'propaganda of homosexuality' and perhaps it would not have come there :( In Belarus, this probably does not exist and I, again, am so glad that it came! But I warn you that recipients from Russia may have problems due to such postcards :( I am proud of your son, say hello to the cats and admire your work. I looked at your site, and you are a great fellow! Keep up the good work, I believe that everything you do is not in vain <3 I listened to the artist you recommended to me [Brian Eno] and I can say that I like 'By This River' composition the most. It is very peaceful~ I can recommend you 'Nicolai Patricio - Somewhere But Not Here'. Calms me down a lot. Thank you also for your interest in my hometown! I am very pleased! W√ľnsche alles Gute."

Olga from Israel wrote: “Hi Chris! Thank you for the adorable card -- I think it's one of my favorite cards I ever received :) so cute! Thank you also for the book recommendations, I'll be sure to check them out. Best regards."

Birgit from Germany wrote: “Hello Chris! Thank you for the beautiful card! A place so far away that is completely different from Germany. You have a drought and we have had a flood like I have never seen here before. We didn't take any damage, but it hit a lot of people in my city badly. All the best!"

And, finally, an emoji-filled message from Theo in France:

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