Saturday, July 24, 2021

Snapshots & some finds during a thrift store Saturday in Arizona

"Sing the Polka Mass" with Peter & Paul and the Wendinger Band (1979). There is a YouTube video devoted to this, in which the reviewer listens to unusual records, folds laundry and cracks wise. I did not purchase this album.
An amazing birdcage that Ashar and I came across.
Some of the books that I bought for $1 apiece.

Meanwhile, while browsing (and wearing my mask) I overheard this nearby exchange between two women, which angered/frustrated/saddened me:

#1: "So, I know someone from work who was vaccinated, and they got COVID."
#2: "Of course they did."
#1: "That wasn't supposed to happen."
#2: "That’s because the vaccination doesn’t do a damn thing." <--misinformation!

Vaccinations work. Get vaccinated!

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