Friday, August 27, 2021

From the readers: Cheerful cards, swinging bridge & a night marauder

As we barrel toward the end of August, here's another batch of your always-appreciated comments on Papergreat posts:

Old photo postcard of Brackenhurst Hall in Southwell: Linda writes: "I also lived at Brack (Brackenhurst) Farm Estate 1954 to 1973). Lots of great memories." I'm going to get in touch with Linda and see if she wants to share some of those memories and stories from this 19th century estate in Nottinghamshire, England. Stay tuned.

Postcard: Zeppelin moored atop the Empire State Building: Responding to this 2016 post, Unknown writes: "Bonjour, Je possède la même carte postale reçu par ma grand-tante en 1933 par une amie de Boston. La seule différence est qu'elle n'a pas de numéro. La vôtre porte le numéro 102. J'ai également celle du Barbizon Plaza et du Skysrapers from East River. Merci."

That's French, of course. And it translates roughly to: "Hello, I have the same postcard my great aunt received in 1933 from a friend in Boston. The only difference is that it doesn't have a number. Yours is number 102. I also have the one at Barbizon Plaza and Skysrapers from East River. Thank you."

Cheerful Card Company can help you earn extra money for the holidays: I continue to be astonished by all the happy memories this 2012 post brings out. Anonymous wrote: "I used to sell Cheerful House Cards and products in the 70s. My wife and I were cleaning out a box today and found an ad for their Bicentennial Flag special offer. It was in a box I had stored some of my father's stuff in. The box came from Cheerful House, Bevis [Industries], from Baltic, Connecticut. That box is 46 years old. Brought back many memories."

Vintage postcard: "The Night Marauder": I'm having some back-and-forth exchanges with Jim, who notes that the linen postcard was published by A. Wolfmueller, who is his wife's grandfather. "She would very much like to have that one and any others by him," Jim writes. And so I'm trying to find where this postcard presently resides. The move from Pennsylvania to Arizona at the beginning of the year jostled my sense of knowing where most things are. Is it in one of the shoeboxes, or is it in the closet? As soon as I (hopefully) find it, I'll be sending it Jim's way.

The pencils of Seminole Middle School: Matt, whose blogs include 4 Color Cowboy, writes: "I do remember those [NFL] pencils from school in the early '80s. Despite my strong aversion to pro football or organized sports of any kind, I liked them. Maybe it was the colors and the subtle design with the little helmet silhouettes."

1970s Woodsy Owl bookmark: "Give a Hoot! Don't Pollute.": Kim Gilbert Pintozzi writes: "I also entered the contest in 1970. My slogan was 'Give a hoot don’t pollute don’t be a dirty bird.' I won the contest and received a ribbon and there was an article in the Courier-Post. I was 12 and lived in Collingswood, N.J."

From the readers: Treasured copy of "Andersen's Fairy Tales": Unknown writes: "I also have a copy #0546 ... Charles E.Graham. It has an inscription, 'Merry Xmas to Fredrick. Love your Father and Mother 1918.' It could have been used when they gave it to him. I bought it online for $2. I love it."

Greta's visit to Tahiti Beach: Joan writes: "I was just bummed that they did not in fact go to Tahiti, which is still on my bucket list!"

Swinging Bridge in York, Pa. (And you thought your commute was bad): Beverly Griffith emailed to say, "Thank you for sharing the pictures and information on the swinging bridge over the Codorus Creek. My dad lived on 5th Avenue in North York growing up and told us about it."

A morning for marvels and magic: Commenting on Facebook, Nena Zachary Challenner writes: "I love these whimsical illustrations."

Trying to decipher a 1942 postcard: Commenting on Facebook, Wendyvee writes: "I was just looking at some old mail a few weeks ago that my sister has which belonged to my grandmother. At least twice on postcards (and once in a letter) blackouts were mentioned."

Book cover: "Strangely Enough!": Commenting on Facebook, Tom Beiter writes: "I have several different copies of that book. All the same content, although arranged slightly different. I loved those kind of books as a kid. Anything to do with ghosts and mysteries."

Same here, Tom. Same here.

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