Saturday, August 28, 2021

Mystery portraits of long ago

I don't think I've posted either one of these miniature portraits before. I did my due diligence in trying to search past Papergreat posts. But there are 3,400+ of them, y'all, and sometimes it's impossible to keep track of what I've posted. 

These are both 2½ inches wide. They would have been with one of the collections of photos and ephemera that were packed into the Oak Crest Lane house. They are probably distant relatives or friends of distant relatives, but there are no captions or notes on the back, only the photographer's information. 

Printed on the back of the photograph of the woman is: "The Number of this Negative is 10562 which please designate when ordering Duplicates. From Garrett's, Wilmington, Del. Unless this Negative is purchased it will be preserved only one year from the time of takin." (Yes, it's spelled "takin.") 

Printed on the back of the photograph of the girl is: "J.K. SUTTERLEY, 302 Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware. Photographer. No. _____. This negative kept one year. Copies can be had any time from it at reduced prices."

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