Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Nifty envelope from Ukraine Postcrossing pen pal

Last week I received this awesome-sauce decorated envelope from a Postcrossing pen pal who lives in Ukraine. It's kind of stunning that the dinosaur's googly eye survived the trip. She packed lots of cool stuff into the envelope, too (see below).

As I've noted before, Postcrossing exchanges and pen pals have really helped to get me through the pandemic. It's a joy putting together mail to send across the U.S. and the globe. And it's always a moment of happy anticipation to head to the mailbox each afternoon and see what's arrived. In addition to my fledgling pen pal in Ukraine, I've been exchanging cards with great folks in the Netherlands, Mexico, Florida, Idaho and Czechia. And I've also been exchanging cards and movie suggestions with a film critic in Russia. She recently suggested that I watch the 1963 Soviet film Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, which was a hoot (although Joan did fall asleep for part of it, which she says didn't affect her comprehension, of lack thereof, of the plot).
Bonus: Papergreat tweet about Ukraine
Postcrossing stamp from six years ago...

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