Thursday, September 2, 2021

Psychogeography, snickelways of Miami, Arizona: August 2021

Last weekend, we took an afternoon trip along U.S. Route 60 to historic Globe, Arizona, passing through a region that's already been threatened by wildfire (the Telegraph Fire) and flooding this year. On the way back along Route 60, we stopped to have a look around the small mining town of Miami

I didn't have much time there, and these photos do not represent the full quality and character of the town. I just walked a few blocks quickly and took these snapshots to get an initial sense of place, the psychogeography of Miami. And to quickly look for snickelways. I don't know if these alleys count as full-fledged snickelways, which are defined as the narrow footpaths between and through buildings in an urban setting, but I think they're close enough to the spirit of them.
Bonus #1: 
Instagram from Superior, Arizona
When I posted this image of the Copper Motel, someone commented on Instagram: "This place is being remodeled. I'm glad someone was able to save it."
Bonus #2: 
Front door of a bar in Globe, Arizona
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