Sunday, August 29, 2021

Spinnerin selling the privileged
yarn-based lifestyle in 1963

Here are some scans of the model photography within a pattern magazine published by the Spinnerin Yard Company of South Hackensack, New Jersey, in 1963. The staplebound booklet measures 8¾ inches by 11¾ inches and has 56 pages, including the front and back covers. There's a clear tie-in with Coca-Cola; it must have paid Spinnerin for the product placement. 

The magazine is the work of Alice Carroll (editor) and Claudia Manley (assistant editor) and contains patterns and instructions for all sorts of aspirational yarn-based attire. Plus numerous reminders that "gauge is the most important element in knitting and crocheting." Also, yarn clothing should never be dried in the sun.
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  1. re: The cover. What the heck is going on there? Tide rising? Flooding? They'd better not get those knitted sweaters wet. They'll shrink!