Saturday, September 11, 2021

Snapshot & memories: Relocated fire engine in Montoursville

Writing this post was quite fun, thanks to some crowdsourcing of memories.

I snapped these photos of the red-and-yellow playground fire engine during a visit Joan and I made to Montoursville's Indian Park in July 2012. At the time, it jogged some hazy, pleasant memories. This unique playground climber looked so familiar. I knew I had spent time on it during my childhood. But I couldn't put my finger on any specific memories from Indian Park.

Turns out, that's because there weren't any. Not from that location.

When I was a kid, this fire engine had been located about a mile away on the playground at Lyter Elementary School, which I attended for first grade (1977-78) and again for fourth grade (1980-81). As folks in my Facebook crowdsourcing post explained to me, it was there for decades, from the mid-1970s until about 2010. Then, the playground at Lyter was renovated, but the decision was made to preserve this piece of equipment and move it to Indian Park. My photos must have been taken not too long after the move. No wonder it was initially such a disconnect for me!

It's still at Indian Park, by the way, according to this April Facebook post. It could use a fresh coat of paint, though.

So, yes, once I was able to think about this fire engine at the setting of Lyter Elementary, old memories fell back into place. I had climbed all over this thing, going along the monkey bars across the top and sitting in the driver's seat with the big "steering wheel." 

Here are some other people's memories from the Facebook post:
  • Yes it used to be on the Lyter playground. I have pictures taken on that very truck. If it helps I just turned 34 yesterday and that truck was at Lyter during my elementary days.
  • I remember this being at Lyter in the 70s.
  • I seem to remember it at Lyter and I graduated in ‘95.
  • I went to Lyter from 89-93 and it was there.
  • There was one like that at Loyalsock Valley Elementary School when I was a kid. We had our 3rd grade pictures taken on one.
  • It was still at Lyter in 2004.
  • It was there in 75.
  • Talk about something I thought I’d never see again! Also I remember a stagecoach, thanks for sharing.
  • I remember the stagecoach and trying to go across the bars and people standing on the ground trying to pull you down!
  • It was there in 77 when I was in 1st grade.
  • Yes it was at Lyter when I was there in mid 70s. I remember when they first got it.
  • I graduated in 2010 and the firetruck was one of my favorite playground pieces at Lyter.
  • I thought they put it in there around 76-77 ish.
  • I went to school at Lyter and remember playing on in in the early 90’s and yes after playground update it moved to Indian Park!!
  • Lyter in the 70’s. I remember falling off the back at recess, right into a mud puddle. I had to call my mom to bring me clean clothes. I was so embarrassed that I made her take me home instead.

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