Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A poignant inscription from a mother to a daughter

This inscription appears on the first page of the 1946 Triangle Books hardcover edition of Kathleen Norris' "Bread Into Roses":

In case you couldn't read it all, it states:

"To Mary Ellen
June 28, 1946

From now on your decisions will become more and more your own. Choose wisely, think long, but remember life is what you make it — Happiness is found in thinking of others. It's been nice having you for a baby — a little girl and from now on I hope we will always be good pals."

* * *
I have no idea who Mary Ellen is. But I figure she'd be between 82 and 86 now, if she's still alive. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could get this book back in her hands?


  1. What a great message. I'm curious, what was the title of the book?

  2. Book is "Bread Into Roses," Cindy. Generally speaking, it's a romance.