Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More fabulous covers from vintage juvenile-fiction books

Wendyvee of Wendyvee's said she loved yesterday's vintage Motor Girls book cover, so here are some more awesome juvenile-fiction covers and illustrations from the early 20th century...

Here's the cover of 1918's "The Brighton Boys with the Battle Fleet."

The Brighton Boys series was penned by Lt. James R. Driscoll, who cranked out 11 titles between 1918 and 1920.

Some other books in this First World War-themed series included:
  • The Brighton Boys with the Flying Corps
  • The Brighton Boys in the Trenches
  • The Brighton Boys in the Radio Service
  • The Brighton Boys at Chateau-Thierry
  • The Brighton Boys at St. Mihiel
  • The Brighton Boys with the Engineers at Cantigny
  • The Brighton Boys in the Submarine Treasure Ship

Another World War I-themed book is 1918's "Tom Slade, Motorcycle Dispatch Bearer" by Percy K. Fitzhugh.

This novel has a generic cover with no illustration...

But what's interesting about "Tom Slade" is the real photograph of pistol- and rifle-wielding motorcycle riders that is spread over the inside front cover and first page...

The photo, certainly staged, is credited to Underwood & Underwood, a photography firm that was previously mentioned in this Papergreat post.

If war isn't your thing when it comes to juvenile fiction, I'll close with this relaxing cover of "Grace Harlowe's Golden Summer" by Jessie Graham Flower...

Papergreat previously featured a Grace Harlowe book cover just last month. And this illustration completes a hat trick of illustrations featuring lovely young ladies reading in window seats...

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  1. these old book covers really give me a feeling of nostalgia. and i love these books too. i so want all of them but damn my budget wont allow.but i love to go to your blog and drool over these. make sure to keep posting because you are amazing