Friday, August 10, 2012

Le Porc: 200 ways to cook a pig

Pictured above are the front and back covers of "Le Porc: 200 Facons de L'Accommoder."

The square little (4½ inches wide) French-language cookbook was published in 1971 as part of a series that translates roughly to "the continuing encyclopedia of daily life."

The book seems to have a sense of humor, as evidenced by the illustration to the right, which appears on the cookbook's first page.

The text on the back cover, meanwhile, translates to the following, according to Google Translate and Joan (better translations always welcome!):
"Do not fight, there will be something for everyone, since we eat the pig from head to toe. There will also be for all tastes: a mustard roast, cabbage stews, andouillettes, sausages, hams, etc. You will not learn to do sausage but, thanks to the Flash, you will know which piece to choose and how to use it to make good hot dishes in winter or to accompany appetizing summer dishes."

Here's one untranslated recipe from the book:

Haricots au bacon
12 tranches de bacon
1 petite boîte de concentré de tomates
2 oignons
2 cuill. á soupe de beurre
2 cuill. á café de sucre fin
500 g de haricots secs.

Faites tremper, la veille, les haricots secs dans de l'eau.

Laissez fondre de buerre dans une cocotte. Ajoutez les tranches de bacon, les oignons hachés, les haricots et le concentré de tomates. Assaisonnez de sel, de poivre et incorporez le sucre.

Couvrez les ingrédients d'eau et laissez mijoter á couvert sur feu doux pendant deux heures et demie environ.

Servez en cocotte.

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