Monday, August 6, 2012

If there had been a Fail Blog in 1929, this would have been featured

From the 1929 book "110 Tested Plans That Increased Factory Profits"...

CAPTION: "An enterprising Seattle wood dealer designed and built the elevating truck body shown in the illustration. It saves time and labor in piling wood in high stacks. The elevating body can lift 2 cords of wood to a height of nearly 12 feet, providing a platform from which the wood can be easily transferred to the top of the pile. It is said to be the only truck with an elevating body that remains absolutely level when raised."
So, to be clear, there's a guy standing on top of two cords of wood, which is balanced on a rickety-looking platform that's extended 12 feet in the air from the bed of a truck.

Yup, that's FAIL, as my son would say.

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