Monday, August 27, 2012

A time-honored school tradition:
The excuse note

How's this for a vintage find?

I found this decades-old excuse note tucked away inside a copy of the 1925 textbook "Junior Training for Modern Business" by John G. Kirk and Mary Waesche.

The note reads:
"Please excuse Charlotte and Mary for being absence [sic] as they were not feeling well, and came home at noon. J.B. Harner"
Charlotte's last name is also Harner, as her name is written in cursive on the first page of the textbook.

Other than the excuse note, the best part of this book is the vintage 1920s photos of the secretarial side of the business. Here are a few:

And, yes, I know this is the third different photo or illustration I've had of a young woman on the telephone in the past eight days. I didn't plan it that way. And it's not a fetish. Everyone knows my fetish is young women reading in window seats.

Finally, there's a minor mystery tucked away inside this textbook, too. It's a small, triangular slip of paper that states "Fishburne." Any thoughts?


  1. Fishburne Military school perhaps? The colors seem right.

  2. My store is in Waynesboro Virginia where Fishburne Military School is located. It is definitely a pennant from that school