Saturday, November 17, 2012

3 colorful vintage Thanksgiving postcards featuring turkeys

Have you decided how you're going to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey yet?

Above: This one was sent to Mrs. Chas. Kennard of Glenelg, Howard County, Maryland. Edna Walker's note was simply: "From a little friend." (Is it just me, or does the turkey already look headless?)

Above: There's no writing on this postcard. It was printed in Germany.

Above: This one was sent to Miss Bessie Brown (probably not the singer) and was postmarked on November 21, 1907, in Baltimore, Maryland. The note is written by Katherine K. (last name could be Kieh or Kelh) and it states: "Hoping you are feeling much better."


  1. No, it isnt' just you ... I had already started thinking of a "headless turkey" joke before I realized that it's actually there :)

    Wishing you and your family all the best this Thanksgiving, Chris.

  2. Charles Kennard was one of the founders of the Kennard Novelty Company of Baltimore, Maryland in 1890. This company was famous for producing Ouija boards in the United States. Source:

    Baltimore is less than thirty miles from Glenelg, Maryland.

    Mrs. Charles Kennard was one of two women: His first marriage to Caroline Barney Wickes in Chestertown, Maryland resulted in the birth of his first son, Charles Wesley Kennard Jr. and his only daughter, Adelaide G. He would later divorce Caroline and marry Katherine Hilbert. Source:

    An interesting article about Caroline, referencing a great-granddaughter interested in Ouija boards today, can be found here:

    Of course, this may all be entirely coincidental with someone else by the name of "Mrs. Chas. Kennard of Maryland".

    "Accept the mystery." -- Joel & Ethan Coen, filmmakers