Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stock photo of pilgrims and a dead turkey from a 1940 magazine

Last month, I blogged about an unfortunate advertisement for white lead paint in the November 1940 issue of Agricultural Leaders' Digest.

Today, with a too-early Thanksgiving fast approaching, I thought I'd share the cover of that issue.

It's a Lambert Photo, and it features two people dressed up in Pilgrim garb. The man has what looks like a blunderbuss over one shoulder and a large, dead turkey slung over the other shoulder.

Clearly, they have a wonderful Thanksgiving feast ahead of them, as long as the woman doesn't burn the Stove Top stuffing and has access to a can opener so that she can prepare the cranberry sauce.

And they'll need a dessert, too. Perhaps the woman in this photo — from another page in the same magazine — will come over with her large pumpkin and they can make some pie.

1 comment:

  1. If that turkey was shot by that blunderbuss I don't think it would be in that good a shape...
    and after it's cooked, look out for those little lead balls hidden in the breastmeat. There's your lead issue again.