Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another Victorian trade card featuring a child in imminent danger

What was wrong with people 100 years ago?

Yesterday, I feature a Victorian trade card showing a young girl precariously perched atop the head of a bull.

And now we have this trade card for Consolidated Milling Co. of Minneapolis.

At best, this boy, who looks like he's about 4 years old, is about to cut off all the fingers on his left hand.

At worst, he's going to decapitate himself. Which will just ruin everyone's day.

IF YOU LEARN ONE THING FROM READING EPHEMERA BLOGS, LET IT BE THIS: NEVER CUT TOWARD YOURSELF WITH A KNIFE. (I learned this the hard way, with a box-cutter, during my brash younger days.)

Once you get to the back of the trade card, there's no mention of the child-in-jeopardy illustration on the front. It's just a bunch of blather about flour.

If Consolidated Milling Co. had truly cared about its customers, perhaps it could have included helpful safety tips on these cards. For example: "Always remember to knead your dough thoroughly before putting it into the pan. And mind that your child doesn't plunge a carving knife into his eyeball."

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  1. How is he going to hurt himself with a soup pot and a spoon? I don't see any decapitation dangers here.