Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mystery photo of an old, old relative

Here's a mystery photo of one of my 19th century relatives. The photograph is on a thin metal plate that measures 2⅜ inches by 3½ inches. It is not labeled.

Mom is pretty sure it's either my great-great-grandfather or great-great-great-grandfather.

The interesting aspects, especially now that we can magnify the image, include the fake backdrop and the man's uniform. What do you think of this fine-looking fella? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi Chris-
    Your tintype (a "sixth plate" in size) is of an infantry soldier some time just after the Civil War, likely in the 1870s. It's post-war because he is wearing a five-button "sack coat," which wasn't issued to enlisted men, or common soldiers like him, until after the war. You can tell he's an infantry soldier because he has the same crossed rifles hat insignia as the girl-riding-a-donkey photo you also posted recently. In this case, the numbers or letters are harder to make out. This sort of insignia is also post-Civil War. I hope that's of some help! -Tyler (