Sunday, March 31, 2013

Naomi Eisenhart's "Swiss Family" Sunday School attendance reward

This is the wonderfully illustrated cover of a 1901 hardcover edition of "Swiss Family Robinson," published as part of The Favorite Library1 by DeWolfe, Fisk & Co. of Boston.

The book was presented to Naomi Eisenhart on January 1, 1908, as noted by the plate on the inside front cover from Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church.

There are a few different Naomi Eisenharts from southcentral and southeastern Pennsylvania who I would have to research further in order to have any degree of certainty regarding the recipient of this book. Likewise, this bookplate could be from a few different churches, given its lack of a town or city designation.

You can discover some interesting facts about history of the Eisenhart family name, including the migration to Pennsylvania of settlers Conrad Eisenhardt and George Eisenhard, on

1. Other titles in The Favorite Library series included "Lives of the Presidents," "Child's Life of Christ," "Robinson Crusoe," "Grimm's Fairy Tales," "Black Beauty," "Aunt Martha's Corner Cupboard," "The Water-Babies," and "Tanglewood Tales."


  1. How come this scene was not in the movie?

  2. Why is he shooting the walrus, which seems to be chained to the rock and run through with a stake?