Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas-themed QSL card from Appleton, Wisconsin

There's always room for one more Christmas post, right?

I got a chuckle from this vintage QSL card featuring an illustration of Santa Claus getting snagged on a ham-radio antenna (referred to here as a super-mag) while making his worldwide rounds. The card was issued by Harold and Agnes Welter1 of Appleton, Wisconsin, who had the call sign KLK 7037.

In ham-radio lingo, "73" means "best regards." So, if you want to be technical, the phrase "Best of 73's" would translate to "Best of Best Regards's."

But it's the holidays, so there's no need to nitpick. Cheers!

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1. According to some genealogy websites, there was a Harold Welter from Appleton who lived from 1921 to 2000.

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