Saturday, January 18, 2014

1918 postcard: "Let's take a trip you und me..."

A couple things about the front of this postcard:

1. Does it look like this goat-mobile is about to hit a rock and take a major jolt? Is that intentional?

2. If it looks like the little girl's smile has been augmented, that's because it was. The note on the back of the card will explain.

This postcard was postmarked at 1:30 p.m. on October 2, 1918, in Watertown, New York.1 It was mailed to Mrs. George Munson of Nicholville, New York. (Nicholville is a hamlet within Lawrence, New York. The hamlet was originally called Sodom.)

The cursive note on the card, to the best of my interpretation skills, states:
Dear Pearl do you recognize this pair. please observe I added a little to the facial expression on the young lady. arrived in Watertown tuesday 1 p.m. Geo is still crazy to move and I am just sawing wood.2 will be good you know what that means. be [obscured]. lovingly, [obscured]

1. October 2, 1918, was the date of World War I's Charge at Khan Ayash. It also marked the conclusion of the Fifth Battle of Ypres.
2. "Sawing wood," of course, is slang for sleeping.

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