Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Far-Out Vintage Advertisement #1: Stokely's Finest Golden Corn

More than 1,100 posts into the Papergreat Era, I still have a daunting supply of cool items that I want to include here.

But I'm never going to get to all of them!

Watching a couple episodes of Hoarders last night, however, has inspired me to find new ways to tackle the ephemera backlog. So, in addition to continuing onward with regular posts full of fun facts, silly asides and unnecessary footnotes, I'm launching a new feature today.

The FOVAs (Far-Out Vintage Advertisements) will be quick posts in which the image is the star. Most of these are from old magazine tear sheets. I'll keep the text minimal and let you enjoy these — for the design, for the humor, for the nostalgia. (Please share your thoughts and memories in the comments section.)

I plan to post one of these every afternoon, giving you a new reason to come back daily.

Here's FOVA #1...

Magazine: Unknown
Date: Unknown
Company: Stokely-Van Camp, Indianapolis, Indiana
Product: Stokely's Finest Whole Kernel Golden Corn
Text: Heat. Eat. Enjoy.


  1. Just curious, about what year was this ad? I'm thinking mid 1950s but not sure.

    1. Good guess, Mark. I believe it's circa 1953. The advertisement on the other side of the page is for Morton Salt, and it mentions that iodized salt was developed by Morton "29 years ago." Morton developed iodized salt in 1924, so adding 29 years to that gets you 1953.

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