Monday, February 10, 2014

The March 1956 SNAPS pamphlet

This is the cover of SNAPS, a four-page pamphlet that was included in a long-ago customer's package of photographic prints and negatives.

I believe this "issue" is from March 1956, because there is a small advertising mention of NBC's Screen Directors Playhouse, which only lasted one season and was originally broadcast during the 1955-1956 television season. So that makes this pamphlet about 58 years old.

The pamphlet mostly just encourages people to use their cameras often — for Easter morning, for spring blossoms, for school activities, and, yes, to take pictures of cats.1 A sample of the advertising text:
"[P]ass out the latest snaps to your school friends. You'll want to capture on film those 'teen' years' activities."
The back page also serves as an order blank to purchase extra prints and enlargements from Crystal Photo Service. You could get one 5x7 for 60 cents, or three for $1.50. That might not seem like much, but 60 cents in 1956 is the equivalent of $5.00 today — for a single print.

Here are some additional pages and closeups from the pamphlet...

(Check out the white gloves the mother and daughter are wearing.)

1. At this moment, the overwhelming majority of photos on my iPhone are of cats. I suspect I am not the only one for whom that is the case. This is especially easy to accomplish when you have five cats in your house.

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