Friday, November 6, 2015

#FridayReads: Books, history, spooky stuff and more

OK folks, here's the latest collection of Great Things To Read On the Internet, as curated by me over the past five weeks or so. Now, you cannot possibly say that you have nothing to read this weekend. (Or maybe you can bookmark these for when you get snowed in some day this upcoming winter.) Also, enjoy these two pieces of utterly random vintage ephemera.

Books and reading


Halloween themes

Pop culture

Miscellaneous Cornucopia of Greatness (MCoG)

Great links with lots of pictures

1. This excerpt from that article is so great I want to share it here. I also wouldn't mind moving to Iceland.
"A copy of the bókatíðindi, which lists approximately 90% of the books published in Iceland each year, is mailed to every household in the country, free of charge. While in most countries the presents under the Christmas tree come in all shapes and sizes, Loftsdóttir jokes that in Iceland one finds a row of neatly wrapped books. “The book is still the most popular Christmas present in Iceland,” she says. There’s even a name for the phenomenon: the “jólabókaflóð,” which means Christmas book flood."

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