Thursday, January 21, 2016

BIFF! POW! @BatLabels Twitter feed will bring ephemeral joy to your life

The list of Twitter feeds that have received the Papergreat Seal of Approval over the past few years is quite eclectic and includes:

  • Miranda Keeling (@MirandaKeeling) — For eloquent and often amusing 140-character daily observations of the people and world around her.
  • Night Vale (@NightValeRadio) — For hilariously morbid and bizarre one-liners; think H.P. Lovecraft doing stand-up. (August 2014 post)
  • R.L. Ripples (@TweetsofOld) — Timely and giggle-inducing real news items pulled from old newspapers (December 2014 post)
  • Hookland (@Hookland Guide) — David Southwell's dispatches from an English county that you can never quite seem to find your way into, or out of. (October 2015 posts #1 and #2)
  • Riker Googling (@RikerGoogling) — For such idiotic brilliance as "starship won't start," "replicate live chicken," "self destruct forgot password," and "deanna troi amazon wish list."

And the newest entry on the list is Batman 66 Labels (@BatLabels). It describes itself succinctly as: "Collecting explanatory labels from the 1966-1968 Batman TV series. Maintained by @aaronreynolds and 100% unofficial."

That campy 1960s series, which began 50 years ago, brought us "POW!" and "BAM!"; Vincent Price as Egghead; "same Bat-time, same Bat-channel"; and Robin finding everything holy.

The series also labeled almost everything that showed up on the TV screen. And that's where @BatLabels comes in. Its simple mission is to share as many examples as possible of the signs, labels and badges featured on the show.

Here are some examples...

I wonder if any of those labels are still around, because — Holy vintage ephemera, Batman! — they would make for some great collectibles!

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