Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jenny Nyström artwork on vintage Swedish postcard

This colorful postcard from Sweden features a trio of young folk wearing traditional outfits. (The lad behind the tree is either a stalker, prankster, potential suitor ... or all of the above. Or perhaps he's really bad at picking spots for hide-and-seek.)

The postcard is labeled "Rättvik," which is both a Swedish municipality of 10,700 and a Swedish locality (in that municipality) of 4,700. The area is known for its tourism, folk-music festival, brown bears and baseball team, the Rättvik Butchers.

The artwork on this postcard was done by Swedish artist Jenny Nyström (1854-1946). According to Wikipedia, she is "mainly known as the person who created the Swedish image of the jultomte on numerous Christmas cards and magazine covers, thus linking the Swedish version of Santa Claus to the gnomes of Scandinavian folklore."

You can see more of Nyström's artwork and learn more about her at the Love For Books! blog and the Kalmar County Museum website. The museum has an exhibition that displays her wide range of work, including paintings, portraits and illustrations for books, postcards and newspapers.

Here's a closer look at her signature on this postcard...

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