Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cornwall: The County of Hidden Treasure (and pirates)

This wonderful postcard, published by Murray King Studio, was postmarked in Penzance, Cornwall, on December 12, 1970, two days before I was born. (Also, Penzance is the town in which Ruth Manning-Sanders was residing when she died in 1988.)

The illustrated postcard is full of pirates, pirate ships, treasure chests, swords, bad mustaches, secrets, buried gold, rum, legends and more. What more could you want for an adventure? A parrot, perhaps? Also, you'll need a shovel to dig for those chests.

Here are some links (some perhaps more dubious than others) to read more about Cornwall and its treasures:

Meanwhile, for posterity, here's the message that was written on the back of this 1970 postcard:
Saturday 1 p.m.
Having a pretty quiet tour down here. Beat Camborne 14-8 on Thursday. Playing Redruth today and Penzance Monday. Weather pretty good. Will phone up on Tuesday but it will be about six p.m. when I get back to Oxford.
Any guesses on what sport Alan is referring to? My best guess would be rugby.

Finally, here's the stamp and stamp cancellation from the back of the card.

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